Social Initiative

Empowering our domestic staff to take charge of their financial future

Many of us employ domestic help in India and we depend on them to help run our lives smoothly. We pay them a salary which they use to meet their expenses and that of their extended family. Today, their children do not have access to quality higher education. According to the report by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO), 32 million India children have never attended any school, the majority of them belonging to socially disadvantaged class (2014).

We at Raya are strongly committed to help domestic staff plan their future particularly in giving their children access to a modern higher education.

Our Approach

Building Partners:

We reach out to potential employers, housing societies, schools, etc. with an objective of starting SIPs for drivers, maids, teachers, etc.

Educating about SIP:

We will educate domestic help, teachers etc. on the benefits of investing in Mutual Fund.

KYC & Onboarding:

Our partner will explain them about KYC process and documents required to start an SIP.

Funding the SIP:

Funding to be determined basis the discussion between the employer and his domestic help.

Starting the SIP:

Co-ordinate with the mutual fund partner to start the SIP.

What Raya Can Help Your Staff with

Children Education

Proper education will help their children develop new ideas and create a path for their career. Save your hard-earned money to provide their children quality education.

Retirement Planning

If your staff are looking for a post-retirement plan by making small regular savings during their working years while protecting their loved ones in the process, then RAYA Social Initiative is just the place for them.


Emergency Funds

They can now save their hard earned money which can be used in times of financial distress. Creating a safety net that can be used to meet unanticipated expenses like illness is what RAYA aspires to help with.

Marriage Function

They can plan the marriage of their children and make the day extra special without an immediate financial burden. Our partners will help them create a roadmap to save money for the auspicious function.


To educating children of domestic help across India


To partner with employers across India to support education of their domestic help


To educate domestic help in India about an alternative method of saving

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