About Us

Enabling Domestic Staff to Achieve Financial Security

Our aim is to help domestic staff plan their financial future particularly with respect to giving their children good quality higher education. To achieve this aim we want to provide financial literacy to domestic staff who work around us. These include maids, cooks, house-help, security staff, etc.

Our Goal is to educate them about alternative method of saving apart from savings account. We want to educate them about mutual funds and help them invest in Mutual Funds directly. This will help in securing the future of their children.

Our Process

We, at Raya, have developed a very simple process for employers who want to be a part of this noble cause & help their domestic staff provide good quality higher education to their children.

  • Explore – Explore the mutual fund schemes from our partners

  • Share – Share basic details such as Name, Mobile Number and Email ID via the registration form on the Contact page.

  • Contact- On successful submission of the registration form, our partners will get in touch with you for further details. 

Meet Our Team

Mr. Asit Oberoi


RAYA Social


Mr. Abhay Oberoi


RAYA Social


Mr. Saurabh Oberoi

Promoter, RAYA Social,

Bachelors in Business Administration,

Co-founder at Healthyweigh.in

Mrs. Divya Oberoi

Promoter, RAYA Social,

Diploma in Hotel Management,

Founder AS Pickles

“Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” – Warren Buffet


Ph : 98200 12112

Email: rayasocialinitiative@gmail.com